Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday Snippets! 22/10/11

Here are my Saturday Snippets!

The stranger was less squeamish about moving the dead. As he worked his way across the bus, he stopped every few feet to reposition the bodies in order to see their faces. There weren't many free spaces to put her feet.
She didn't want to accidentally step on anyone's arm or fingers - or even worse, someone's face, and the thought that one wrong movement might send her, tumbling down on to the pile of bodies terrified her. So she followed the stranger carefully, stepping where he stepped and held on to the seat frames as tightly as possible.
 - Page 45, Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts

"Bear in mind that what I have done here is, at best, an approximation of a true botanical garden, but that is because of the unusual nature of my collection. There are many plants here that have been collected from the farthest parts of the globe. Despite all my research, my knowledge of the relationships between them is scanty. Perhaps you will be able to enlighten me on that account, Weed."
 - Page 103, The Poison Diaries by Maryrose Wood

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  1. Awesome interview! Great to see ya, DeeDee! G