Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Baby Merchant by Kit Reed

ISBN: 9780765315502
Publisher: Tor
Pages: 336

Among careerists who postpone parenthood, fertility problems abound. Adoptions have always been difficult and now America's borders have been closed by the Centers for Disease Control. Babies are high end commodities in this economy, microchipped at birth to protect them from theft. 
Tom Starbird rescues "unwanted" babies--but he's tired of meeting wealthy would-be parents' demands for "perfect" children. Tom is shutting up shop when Jake Zorn, the Television Conscience of Boston, blackmails him into doing one more job. 
Desperate to find one last perfect baby, Tom finds the lovely and very pregnant Sasha Egan. Stalked by her unborn child's father, on the run--Tom guesses she will be glad to be rid of her burden.  Neither he nor Sasha could predict that the baby she never wanted is the one thing in her life she will do anything to keep.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Baby Merchant. Whilst both Tom Starbird and Sasha Egan were either unwillingly or unknowingly involved in Jake Zorn's search for a baby, they had starkly contrasting opinions and lives, which made reading from each of their perspectives fascinating. My favourite character was Sasha, because despite being indecisive and inexperienced she remained determined to make sure her child would have the best care... whether that meant him being with her or with another family. I really like the cover of The Baby Merchant it depicts the story within perfectly! The baby in the case represents the business like manner with which Tom Starbird treated the babies that he rescued.

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  1. Sounds really interesting. I love that cover too

  2. I love the cover too,this book is in my tbr pile and you've made me want to read this book even more!