Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Glimpse Webisodes!

Do you live in the UK? Are you between the ages of 13 and 18? 

Because this month, Faber will be launching open auditions for a special online series of fictional video diaries that will be a prequel to debut author Claire Merle’s dystopian thriller The Glimpse.

They're not looking for an actress with experience. Anyone between 13-18 can send in an audition filmed on an iphone or webcam.

Fancy participating and want to know more about The Glimpse Webisodes? Take a look below.

Q. What inspired the idea of the webisodes?
A. I wanted to do something different and fun. As a teenager I hoped to become an actress as well as a writer. Then after I left uni, I worked for 8 years in the British Film Industry,  made a couple of short films and wrote lots of film scripts. Making a set of prequel video diaries brought all those elements together – and I love the idea of having a side story that will explore things that are hinted at in The Glimpse, but that we would never have learnt about this character’s life otherwise.

Q. Which character will be featuring in the webisodes?
A. 16-year-old Tamsin Strike who is headstrong, loyal and something of a rebel.

Q. When you were writing The Glimpse did you already have a vision of how the featured character would look?
A. In the book Tamsin is described as having brown hair and brown eyes, and I did have a rough visual idea of her. But her energy and personality are far more important to me, and that’s what we’ll be looking for when we cast the video diaries.

Q. How many webisodes will be made?
A. Around 25.

Q. How long will the webisodes be?
A. Each webisode will be under 3 minutes, probably close to 2 minutes each, though some are shorter than others.

Q. In the future would you consider having more webisodes for other characters?
A. Yes. It’s a possibility, but we don’t have anything planned at the moment.

Q. How will the webisodes tie in with The Glimpse?
A. 17-year-old Ana Barber is the main character in The Glimpse. 16-year-old Tamsin Strike is Ana’s best friend. At the start of The Glimpse, Tamsin and her family have been missing for 7 months and Ana has never discovered what happened to her friend. The webisodes take place just before Tamsin vanishes and provide some clues to what really happened.

Q. Will the webisodes act as a prequel and supply more information about things that happen in The Glimpse? Or will they provide sneak peeks?
A. The webisodes are their own story, like a prequel. They don’t provide any sneak peeks of scenes in The Glimpse. It’s all stuff that happens before.

Q. Do you have a book trailer? 
A. Yes, but I don’t think it will be released until around March.

Q. Why did you choose to hold auditions in the UK?
A. The Glimpse is set in London in the near future, so Tamsin is English. We want an actress with an English accent and we’ll be filming in London. Those who get through to the second round of auditions will be asked to come to London for a recall. (For the actual filming we will be providing accommodation if the actress doesn’t live in London.)

Q. Will the person chosen to participate in the webisodes feature on the cover of The Glimpse?
A. No. The final auditions will be held in March and the girl who’ll play Tamsin will be announced mid March. The cover has to be ready before then. So timing wise it wouldn’t really work out.

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