Monday, 23 January 2012

Hollow Pike by James Dawson

Publisher: Orion
Pages: 416

Something wicked this way comes... She thought she'd be safe in the country, but you can't escape your own nightmares, and Lis London dreams repeatedly that someone is trying to kill her. Lis thinks she's being paranoid - after all who would want to murder her? She doesn't believe in the local legends of witchcraft. She doesn't believe that anything bad will really happen to her. You never do, do you? Not until you're alone in the woods, after dark - and a twig snaps... Hollow Pike - where witchcraft never sleeps.

I was sent an ARC copy of Hollow Pike to review by James Dawson, and I absolutely loved every moment of reading it! I found this book to be a bit like a paranormal version of Mean Girls or Pretty Little Liars. My favourite characters were Lis and Laura. Laura was the classic popular girl, that everyone both admired and hated and Lis was the new girl. Laura was one of my favourite characters because of her sharp tongue and fierceness. Lis was also one of my favourite characters because of her independence and determination. I love the cover of Hollow Pike! The colours are amazing, as are the aspects of the image with hidden meanings such as the branches and the birds.

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  1. Hey! You won the signed copy of "A Million Suns"! please email me you address so I can send the book to you: aemartin @

  2. This looks really good. Great review! Hope its available in the US

  3. Great review, Rachel. Love the cover with the branches and birds.