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If you would be interested in doing an author interview on my blog, all you have to do is complete the questions below and return them to me via email at

Depending upon how “booked up” my blog is, your interview will usually be posted in between 5-14 working days.  (Indie Authors get first preference)

Complete the questions that you like and remove the ones that you don’t.

1. What is your name and where do you call home?

2. Do you have a pen name?

3. What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 20 or less words, what would you say?

4. Do you have plans for a new book? Is this book part of a series?

5. What or who inspired you to start writing? And how long have you been writing?

6. Do you gift books to readers for book reviews?

7. How did you come up with the cover? Who designed the cover of your book?

8. Which is your favourite cover of all the books you have written?

9. Is there anything you would change about your book covers?

10. Do you have a playlist in mind for any of your books?  

11. Did you listen to any particular songs whilst writing your books?

12. Would you have different book covers for different countries?

13. How did you come up with the title for your book?

14. Is there anything you would change about your book? And why?

15. Do you have a book trailer? And what are your thoughts on book trailers?

16. Do you have a “Dreamcast” in mind for any of your books?

17. What is your opinion of ARCs?

18. Do you prefer e-books, paperbacks, hardcovers or audiobooks?

19. Are you a self-published / Indie author?

20. Have you ever read a book more than once? And if so what was it?

21. Have you ever bought a specific edition of a book because of it’s cover? (For example a UK, US or Canadian version)

22. What is your opinion of novellas?

23. Have you ever read a book just based on it’s cover?

24. Has the quality of the cover of a book ever put you off of reading it?

25. What is your favourite film based on a book?

26. What is your favourite book genre at the moment?

27. What books have made it onto your wishlist recently? And why?

28. What book are you reading at the moment? And in what format?

29. If you could invite any four celebrities (alive or dead) to your dinner party, who would you invite and why?

30. Do you have any advice for other writers? And what’s the best advice that you have been given when it comes to writing?

31. Do you have any hobbies that aren’t related to reading & writing?

32. Where can your readers follow you?


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Goodreads author page:









Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this interview and allowing us a glimpse into your writing world!

If you wish to answer some specialist questions, in addition to a few from above, which cater specifically to you and your book/s please mention this when emailing me.
Please note that whilst I am willing to do additional specialist questions (if asked), I will NOT use any other questions than those listed above.

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