Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Struggle by L. J. Smith

ISBN: 9780061020018
Publisher: HarperCollins
Pages: 320

The Struggle by L. J. Smith is the second book in the Vampire Diaries series.
In this book Elena is torn between the two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan.
Damon is determined to make Elena his queen of darkness, even if it means killing his own brother. Stefan is desperate to protect Elena from Damon at all costs, even if if it means succumbing to his thirst for human blood. Elena choice will seal the brothers' fates.

In this book, I received more of an insight into Elena's friends, Bonnie and Meredith, as a result Bonnie  became my favourite character. I found this book to be as well written and well thought out as the first. I won't reveal any more to avoid spoilers!

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