Thursday, 29 August 2013

Promotion: Not Of Our Sky by Sharon Sant

Not Of Our Sky
By Sharon Sant

Not Of Our Sky is the third book in the Sky Song series.

Jacob fights for his life and Ellen faces her toughest decision yet: whether to finally reveal his true identity to his parents. For Jacob is one of the Watchers of Astrae, a race of beings with extraordinary powers, and sworn to protect the natural order of the universe. But Jacob has broken one of Astrae’s oldest laws and chaos threatens to cover the Earth. 

Alex faces the fall into darkness that has long been prophesised. Her only ally is Makash, their bitter and twisted uncle, and Jacob has already succumbed to the shadows. Who will be there to catch her? 

With the first part of the ancient prophecy already coming to pass, it seems their only hope lies in the second part – the riddle of the star that will bring them back to the light. But what does it mean? And why do Jacob, Alex and Ellen all dream of the same lighthouse, night after night?

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  1. Hi Rachel, not sure if I ever thanked you for this - I hope I did! But if I didn't, thank you so much for featuring the book on your blog. :)