Saturday, 24 August 2013

Promotion: The Unicorn Girl by M. L. LeGette

The Unicorn Girl
By M. L. LeGette

Leah Vindral is suffocating - trapped in her own skin.

In a land where magic is feared, magic saved her from death . . . but it came with a terrible price. Marked forever, she is shunned and isolated by those she loves most.

Brimming with bitter rage at those who abandoned her, Leah flees from her childhood home only to be swept into an impending war: Mora, a wicked witch, has been imprisoned for years, waiting like a spider in the folds of her web for the chance to regain the powers once stripped from her. It is there, while she waits, that she learns of a strange young girl . . .a girl who can speak to unicorns.

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