Monday, 12 August 2013

Promotion: Matcher Rules by Mary Holland

Matcher Rules
By Mary Holland

Novi colony is inhumanly peaceful and John Jerzy has been sent to find out why. Jerzy's last assignment ended in disaster, his career has stalled, and he plans to unravel this minor mystery the Novians call the Matcher and get a real assignment as soon as possible. 

Stella has lived on Novi all her life and she's going to the Matcher to find her affinity group. She sees no reason to change and she plans to live happily ever after. 

Max Bari wants to change Novi from a backwater colonial planet to an interstellar power, with himself at the helm. All he needs is to fix the Matcher. He has a plan. 

Three people, three plans. But the Matcher has no plans. Only rules.

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