Thursday, 29 August 2013

Promotion: The Young Moon by Sharon Sant

The Young Moon
By Sharon Sant

The Young Moon is the second book in the Sky Song series.

"It is a prophecy, Watcher. And it foretells your destruction."

So comes the stark warning from Astrae. But what does the prophecy that tells of the young moon actually mean? 

Two years have passed and Jacob’s search for the second Successor brings him back to Earth. But his Watcher powers seem to be useless as the other Successor remains shrouded in mystery… And he soon discovers that his bitter uncle, Makash, is also hot on the trail. 

Jacob’s quest takes him and Luca halfway across the globe in a race to get to the other Successor first. As they get closer to their goal the body count starts to rise and Jacob and Luca are dragged deeper into Makash’s deadly game as the net closes around them.

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