Review Policy

On my blog, Rai29BookReadNReview, I do the following posts:

-          Reviews
-          Author Interviews (please click here for more info)
-          Guest Posts (Please contact me with more details)
-          Cover Reveals
-          Promotions
-          Excerpts
-          Memes
-          Giveaways

I also enjoy doing blog tours, currently I do blog tours with:

-          Bewitching Blog Tours
-          Mrs Potter’s International Book Publicity Services
-          Kismet Blog Tours
-          Innovative Online Blog Tours
-          As You Wish Tours
-          Girls *Heart* Books Tours
-          Lady Amber's Blog Tours
-          Oops I Read A Book Again Blog Tours


I will always honestly review the books I receive. I will not intentionally write a bad review, but if I didn’t enjoy reading it I will say so. I am also willing to Beta-read books.

Due to other commitments, the type & length of the book and my reading speed, my review can take between one week and one month. If you need a special date, let me know and we can try to arrange it.

However, this does not guarantee that I will be able to review your book.

Please bear in mind when you are requesting a review or giveaway, that I am from the United Kingdom.

The genres that I review at the moment are:

-          YA
-          Paranormal
-          Sci-fi
-          Fantasy
-          Contemporary Fiction
-          Dystopian
-          Urban Fantasy
-          Zombie
-          Memoir
-          Thriller

The genres I will NOT review are:

-          Erotica
-          Middle Grade
-          Religious
-          Classics
-          Poetry
-          Romance
-          Horror
-          Self-help

In my reviews, I include:

-          The book cover
-          The ISBN or ASIN
-          The publisher
-          The amount of pages
-          The blurb (from Goodreads or from a press release provided by the publisher)
-          My review
-          An Amazon UK link
-          An Amazon US link

(I would also appreciate it if when requesting a review, the length of the book (in pages), the ISBN / ASIN and whether or not it is part of a series is stated.)

The formats I accept for review are:

-          Paperbacks
-          Hardbacks
-          ARCs
-          Finished copies
-          PDFs
-          Mobi / Kindle files
-          PRCs
-          Smashwords Coupons
-          Amazon Gifts

I can also accept review copies via:

-          Netgalley
-          Edelweiss

At the moment, I only post my reviews on my blog, Rai29BookReadNReview, but if you would like me to post my review somewhere else as well, I can post it to the following places:

-          Goodreads
-          YABC
-          Shelfari
-          Amazon UK
-          Amazon US
-          Barnes & Noble
-          Smashwords
-          Bookish

When myself and my mum, (from JeanzBookReadNReview), have both reviewed a bound book, which we have received, we either:

-          Swap the book, via the UK Swap Shop on Goodreads
-          Host a giveaway on our blogs to find the book a new home

Cover Reveals

In my cover reveals, I include:

-          Whether the book is part of a series
-          The release date
-          The book cover
-          The blurb (if its available)
-          My opinion of the cover
-          A Goodreads link
-          An Amazon UK link
-          An Amazon US link


In my promotions, I include:

-          The book cover
-          The title of the book
-          The author/s of the book
-          Whether the book is part of a series
-          The blurb
-          An Amazon UK link
-          An Amazon US link


In my excerpts, I include:

-          The book cover
-          The title of the book
-          The author/s of the book
-          The chapter / part of the book the excerpt is from
-          The excerpt (supplied by the publisher or author)
-          An Amazon UK link
-          An Amazon US link


The memes that I do are:

-          Pondering Purchasing
-          Rachel’s Reflections
-          Through My Letterbox

Whether you are an indie author or a mainstream author, I would be more than happy to promote your book here.

If you send me an email to request a review, author interview or any other post listed above, and I don’t answer it’s not because I may not want to do that post. I may not have received your email or it might be in spam. I also may not be able to reply to emails within the same week sometimes, due to other commitments.

If you would like to have your post on a particular date, I would appreciate it if you could notify me of this at least two weeks to a month before the chosen date.

I can be contacted via email at or

Thankyou for your time!

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