Saturday, 8 October 2011

Saturday Snippets! 08/10/11

Here are my Saturday Snippets!

"Everything we have, they have," Waverly repeated under her breath as she marched down the corridor toward the living quarters she shared with her mother. Sometimes it seemed the more serious Kieran got about her, the more patronising his tone. If he thought that she was going to be a passive little wifey with no thoughts of her own, he was in for a nasty surprise.
 - Page 15, Glow by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Nicodemus stared at the flecks of stew that spangled his emptied lunch bowl. 
Midday sunlight was streaming into the refectory - a wide Lornish hall lined with tapestries and clear-glass windows. Above, broad rafters marched across the ceiling and provided hanging posts for the academy's banners. Farther down the table, several librarians whispered about the horrible news from Trillinon.
 - Page 144, Spellwright by Blake Charlton

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