Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Becoming by Raine Thomas

ISBN: 9780983831808
Publisher: Iambe Books
Pages: 295

Becoming is the first book in the Daughters Of Saraqael trilogy.
Every three years, Amber Hopkins explodes. Okay, not a blown-to-smithereens explosion, but whatever it is always hurts like hell and leaves her life a shambles. She’s already worked her way through five foster placements, and she’s doing whatever she can to avoid getting blasted into a sixth.
As her eighteenth birthday approaches and she feels the strange and powerful energy building, disaster looms. When the inevitable explosion occurs, her life gets its biggest shakeup yet. She’ll not only learn how her fellow foster and best friend, Gabriel, really feels about her, but she’ll discover that she isn’t really without family.

Raine Thomas kindly gave me her book Becoming to read and review, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it from start to finish! I loved the concept behind Amber's explosions / power surges. At first from the cover and the explosions, I thought that Amber was a shapeshifter or a dragon, but what she actually turns out to be is much better! My favourite characters were Amber and Gabriel, Amber because of her personality, her many ordeals and her strength throughout them, and Gabriel because of his loving nature and protectiveness towards Amber. I love the cover of this book, it portrays the story within perfectly! The half of Amber's face that is shown on the cover, beautifully depicts part of her nature that she discovers in the Becoming.

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