Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Island by Victoria Hislop

Publisher: Headline
Pages: 473

The Island by Victoria Hislop is about the Petrakis family.
The Petrakis family lives in the small Greek seaside village of Plaka. Just off the coast is the tiny island of Spinalonga, where the nation's leper colony once was located—a place that has haunted four generations of Petrakis women. There's Eleni, ripped from her husband and two young daughters and sent to Spinalonga in 1939, and her daughters Maria, finding joy in the everyday as she dutifully cares for her father, and Anna, a wild child hungry for passion and a life anywhere but Plaka. And finally there's Alexis, Eleni's great-granddaughter, visiting modern-day Greece to unlock her family's past.

I found this book to be a beautifully written, heartbreaking tale.

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  1. YA writer, here. This sounds like a good read!

    I'm pleased to met you and your blog. :)

  2. Nice, sounds like a nice book :)