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Author Interview: Kenneth Hoss

Kenneth Hoss is one of the authors featuring in the September giveaway. Kenneth has written Storm Rising.

1. What is your name and where do you call home?
Kenneth Hoss, currently in Irving, Texas.

2. Do you have a pen name?
Well, I have one, I just don’t use it.

3. What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 20 or less words, what would you say?
STORM RISING – A KELLI STORM NOVEL. Thrills, suspense, and murder.

4. Do you have plans for a new book? Is this book part of a series?
I am currently working on the next book in the series, STORM WARNING, which I plan to release in the Spring of 2012.

5. What or who inspired you to start writing? And how long have you been writing?
I would have to say that my influences started with Heinlein and Asimov, though I haven’t written a Sci/Fi story since I left High School.

6. Do you gift books to readers for book reviews?
I have gifted several books, but not for the reviews. I just like to see people enjoy my work, and if they choose to write a review, that’s just a perk.

7. How did you come up with the cover? Who designed the cover of your book?
I had an idea of what I wanted, though this is a bit different. The cover was designed by George Arnold, the husband of a good friend and fellow author, Carolyn Arnold. George is attributed in the acknowledgements.

8. How did you come up with the title for your book?
I actually came up with my main character first, the title was reworked a few times during the process of writing the MS. I had decided early on that I wanted this to me a series, and as such, I needed titles that would work that way. The next two books will be, STORM WARNING and EYE OF THE STORM.

9. Is there anything you would change about your book? And why? 
Not one thing.

10. Do you have a book trailer? And what are your thoughts on book trailers?
No, I don’t have a trailer. Between the “day job”, working on the second book, and marketing the first, I just haven’t found the time to even think about putting one together. As for the book trailers I have seen, I think they are a wonderful marketing tool.

11. Do you prefer e-books, paperbacks, hardcovers or audiobooks?
I prefer to have something I can hold in my hands, either paperback or hardbound. I know, sounds odd coming from someone who’s first book is an e-book.

12. Are you a self-published / Indie author?
I am an Indie author. However, I wouldn’t turn down a publishing house if they made me a good offer.

13. Have you ever read a book more than once? And if so what was it?
I have definitely read a book more than once. Several as a matter of fact, mostly the classics, though I do recall reading several of Heinlein’s books more than once, including Have Spacesuit – Will Travel. I loved that book when I was a kid, and plan on reading it again when I find some time.

14. What book are you reading at the moment? And in what format?  
I’m “trying” to read two at the moment. One is Burn Zone by James O. Born, in paperback. The other is Counting Down the Storm by D. Ryan Leask, an e-book.

15. Do you have any advice for other writers? And what’s the best advice that you have been given when it comes to writing? 
Never give up your dream, keep writing. The best advice I’ve been given is to write the first draft, and then edit. I have a tendency to over think and find at times, over critical of my writing. I will go over a chapter or scene a dozen times or more before moving on with the story. I’m still not completely cured of doing that, but I have gotten better.

16. Where can your readers follow you?


Goodreads author page:

Twitter: twitter\@kennhoss



Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this interview and allowing us a glimpse into your writing world!

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