Friday, 19 August 2011

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel

ISBN: 9780312649913
Publisher: St Martin's Press
Pages: 325

Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel is about Lenah Beaudonte.
When Lenah, a 500-year-old vampire queen, wakes up a human teenager at an ultra-cliquey prep school, she must choose between embracing the humanity she’s always craved and saving her new friends from her vicious coven.

I honestly didn't enjoy this book much at all. It was too slow for me. Nothing really happened at the start, it all happened at the end and I didn't fully understand most of what happened at the start, as I feel some of the stuff mentioned at the start wasn't explained or described enough! Having said that, out of interest I would still like to read the second book to see if I would like that one, as it could possibly pick up where the last one left off.

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