Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Ultraviolet by R. J. Anderson

ISBN: 9781408312759
Publisher: Orchard
Pages: 410

"Once upon a time there was a girl who was special. This is not her story. Unless you count the part where I killed her."

Ultraviolet by R. J. Anderson is about sixteen year old Alison. Having murdered the most perfect and popular girl at school, she has been sectioned in a mental institution for teens. But the case is a mystery as no body has been found and Alison's condition is proving hard to diagnose. Even Alison herself can't explain what happened, one minute she was fighting with Tori, the next she had disintegrated into nothing.......
But that's impossible, right ?

Although I normally don't read these more sci-fi types of books (and enjoy them as much as Shifter, Magic/Witch, and other generally more paranormal type books), I flew through this book! My favourite character was Alison because of her sarcasm and wit throughout her difficulties, I think she also became my favourite character because of the book being written mostly from her perspective.

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