Thursday, 28 March 2013

Promotion: The Blaze Ignites by Nichelle Rae

The Blaze Ignites
By Nichelle Rae

The Blaze Ignites is the second book in The White Warrior series.

The problem with Azrel’s magic has been revealed. Now Azrel has the daunting task of trying to live with this problem and at the same time try to fix it, with no idea how to.

Meanwhile, creatures of Shadow are emerging in vast numbers across Casdanarus foretelling the beginning of a Second Shadow across the world. More terrifying then their actual appearance however, is the fact that these Shadow creatures seem to be homing in on Azrel herself and not the necklace. 

Azrel is left to wonder if Hathum has figured out that she is The White Warrior. If so, why hasn’t he attacked yet? Azrel knows she is vulnerable and certainly in no condition to fight him. So what was he waiting for?

Only Hathum knows.

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