Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Rachel's Reflections: Changing Covers

Lately, I have noticed a new trend starting among many authors & their books. Mary Ting, Ami Blackwelder, Amy Kathleen Ryan and Beth Revis are just a few examples of this new trend.

Whilst some of the new covers are quite pretty in their own right, I feel that they don’t suit the book within.

Take the Across The Universe series by Beth Revis as an example. Although the covers are quite modern and edgy, I don’t believe (having read Across The Universe & with A Million Suns on my TBR shelf), that the new covers totally fit the stories within. In my opinion the new covers are too clinical and impersonal, as they are based on the ship’s appearance rather than the characters within the book.

The Sky Chasers series by Amy Kathleen Ryan also seems to be getting new covers.

Again, as with the Across The Universe covers, the new cover of Glow seems to not only be quite impersonal, but also confusing (as looking at the cover I wouldn't have thought it was about space travel).

Not only mainstream authors are changing their covers, so are some Indie / Self published authors . . .

 . . . Such as, Mary Ting and Ami Blackwelder!

This probably wouldn’t be much of a problem for me (and other avid readers) if they were just another set of alternative covers, but unfortunately it is because, as of yet I haven’t seen or heard of the previous original (and much loved) covers being continued so that avid readers & collectors of books can have a matching set of books.

Different covers may seem quite trivial to some, as “it’s the content within that matters”, but it still hurts an avid reader (like myself) to see one of my favourite series of books in mismatched covers.

Which covers do you prefer? What do you think to the idea of mismatched covers being on your shelves?

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