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Author Interview: Daren Doucet

Daren Doucet has written The Supermarket Guy.

1. What is your name and where do you call home?
My name is Daren Doucet, and I reside in Petit Rocher Sud "South little Rock" ( possible translation?) near the beautiful Bay of Chaleur, in New Brunswick, Canada.

2. Do you have a pen name?
I was thinking about a Pen Name, as allot of authors have done well with pen names. I actually thought my name was not a catchy "Authors name". We see this done in the music industry at times.

3. What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 20 or less words, what would you say?
My most recent humor book, "The Supermarket Guy II: Rise of the Market Overlord", is all about a struggling company mired in red ink and trying to survive in a hostile competitive market.

4. Do you have plans for a new book? Is this book part of a series?
Yes, "The Supermarket Guy III:  Supermarket Dominium", and it will not complete the series.

5. What or who inspired you to start writing? And how long have you been writing?
I was walking through the Supermarket one day, and I could feel a lot of funny things going on here. Also, I remember my grade 9 class laughing at my humor during short essays we had to prepare in front of class. I said I would give it a try.

6. Do you gift books to readers for book reviews?
This is something new to me. I am learning every day, and in the last while I realized how important it is to have a contest every so often. Getting off of the point somewhat, but I did give a book away, paid air mail, for a review in England.

7. How did you come up with the cover? Who designed the cover of your book?
I designed the cover of Part 1, 2, and probably 3. Just that the design team at Dog Ear was unsure of how the main character was going to fly through the air, then I realized my rusty artwork may come in handy. Luckily enough, everyone seemed to like the cover work.

8. Which is your favourite cover of all the books you have written?
Would have to say Part 2. This is because of the intensity of it. Realizing now, I could have done more to Part 1. I love how the color changes in the wording, from hot to warm, which suggests an ensuing battle or a tough challenge at hand. The eyes in the clouds suggest someone losing control of his cool, and maybe going a little too far...

9. Is there anything you would change about your book covers?
Was wondering why not put a football in the cart, on the cover of Part 1. As, football was a big reason for the climax of the book.

10. Would you have different book covers for different countries?
I was unsure of this concept, but I did think about it. Maybe putting different flag on the Supermarket on Part 1, depending where it was sold. At the moment, this was on the back burner. It needed to be international, no flags on the market for now.

11. How did you come up with the title for your book?
The main character is a sort of "super" hero. He is your regular guy or gal that lives up the road, that is so very good at what they do. Every community, business, or team has someone who has extraordinary human talent. I think of it at times as a "super" talent. I believe everybody is good at something, we just have to find what that is. That is how "The Supermarket Guy" came about, as it made a good link to the incredible athletic ability of the main character.

12. Is there anything you would change about your book? And why?
Reading through the book (s) at times, there are some scenes which I could have perhaps expanded on. Added humor too. There comes a point, when the decision comes to say it had to go that way, and that is all we as authors can really do. Truly mostly satisfied on the way it carried through, and to go back in time, maybe change 5 % of each book. Not really a big enough number to go back, personally.

13. Do you have a book trailer? And what are your thoughts on book trailers?
Very confident that book trailers are great for authors to expose their works. It gives the public a good window into the storyline. Currently a book trailer does not exist for my book, but was unsure on whether to do a parody on the writing of it, or just give a scene towards it. The more tools a reader has to gauge your book, is always good news. Being new to the book business of marketing, I have been a slow mover towards it.

14. Do you prefer e-books, paperbacks, hardcovers or audiobooks?
It is hard not to like the smell of a fresh, brand new, book. When you flip the pages, that scent of heavenly paper just roars right out at you. Likewise, I understand how someone would love the versatility of being able to read their book digitally, and be able to access it instantly. With audio books, the uncertainty is there if the persons voice would be liked to the reader. Would the authors voice, help in these audio book sales? Maybe future sales of audio books may prove me wrong, but for now there are no plans for audio books to my series.

15. Are you a self-published / Indie author?
Yes, self published with Dog Ear Publishing in Indianapolis, Indiana who has done terrific work.

16. Have you ever read a book more than once? And if so what was it?
There was a book, called "Rise of the Empires" or of that nature, where I read the book again and again. This was in my teenage years, and I just loved the way that the history flowed from the middle east, Egypt, Rome, with all of the great battles of the modern era and empires to the present day. It needs to be resurfaced again, as I cannot find the title on Goodreads!

17. Have you ever bought a specific edition of a book because of it’s cover? (For example a UK, US or Canadian version)
Never have, although this is a good idea. Perhaps it can have antiquarian value, over time. Especially if it is a rare edition.

18. Have you ever read a book just based on it’s cover?
Yes, picking up a book a year ago, it had a magnificent cover.

19. Has the quality of the cover of a book ever put you off of reading it?
Unfortunately, it has. True enough, but lately I have been learning that you "don't judge a book by its cover ", as the old saying goes.

20. What book are you reading at the moment? And in what format?
With work, family affairs, my book scheduled reading has taken a miss. This Friday, I intend to pick up two books. A friends print on demand, and maybe a recent best seller. Just as of late, shift work and some family affairs have once again led me to deviate a bit from my reading schedule. Also, my own book work, creating Part IV of "The Supermarket Guy" carries me away from the shelves at times. But most certainly, this Friday I want to get back into the pages and submerge into another world.

21. Do you have any advice for other writers? And what’s the best advice that you have been given when it comes to writing?
Advice for writers. I believe patience, in realizing how slow sometimes the book business turns for many of us. Focus on your target audience, and appeal to them.  The strongest advice, was to listen to the comments of family and friends. They truly know if your book is good, or not.

22. Where can your readers follow you?
My readers can follow me on which is a link to e blogger, or just Daren Doucet on Twitter, and of course, the always inspiring Goodreads. Not to forget, my website on wordpress is there too, which provides links and samples to my work at  I want to thank you for this opportunity to answer some questions with you, and your followers, Rachel. Once again, much thanks!

Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this interview and allowing us a glimpse into your writing world!

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