Thursday, 19 July 2012

Promotion: Mistress Of Souls by Michelle Zink

Mistress Of Souls
By Michelle Zink

Mistress Of Souls is the second book in the prequel trilogy to Prophesy Of The Sisters.

After the tragic events of Prophecy of the Sisters, Lia Milthorpe fled New York, leaving her twin behind. While Lia was in London, preparing for the battle ahead, Alice spent months isolated in Birchwood, her story of solitude untold. Until now. 

Alice Milthorpe is alone. Now that her sister Lia has left Birchwood, her brother dead, her family gone, there is no one to keep Alice from the Dark Room. She spends entire days and nights there, willing her spirit to travel to the Otherworlds where the Souls welcome her, where the demon Samael gives her the companionship she so desperately desires. 

Yet she does not belong in the Otherworlds. Whether she likes it or not, she belongs in the physical world, tethered to a role in the prophecy she does not want and a world she is not truly a part of. But when a chance encounter with James, her sister’s abandoned fiancĂ©, sparks a fragile friendship, Alice begins to think that she is not as alone as she thought - and that maybe there is a reason to anchor herself to the physical world after all.

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