Saturday, 2 June 2012

Promotion: The Resonant by Shauna Leone

The Resonant
By Shauna Leone

10,500 BC, the end of the Last Ice Age: A young girl flees her drowning land, her people’s efforts at stopping the cataclysm, failed. Now she must face a new life in a hostile world as her grandfather desperately tries to prevent such destruction occurring again.

Present Day: Salvager and Marine Archaeologist, Paige Evans, finds a strange encrusted object at the bottom of the ocean and is certain she has made the discovery of a lifetime. Her boss, however, denies she has found anything of importance.
But then the visions begin.
And so do the murders.
Because others know what Paige has found and are reluctant to share its power. They know it is part of an ancient puzzle which is screaming to be solved.
For the world has grown uneasy, there is an air of foreboding, an expectation of imminent terrors, the latest doomsday book in no small way helping to fuel such beliefs, as its mysterious author’s predictions are beginning to come true.
And only understanding the past will save the future.

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