Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Promotion: Mythical: Heart Of Stone by C.E. Martin

By C.E. Martin

Recent High School grad Josie Winters and her friends are enjoying their summer vacation when they stumble across a mystery in the desert: a man left for dead, his heart ripped out, half his skull missing and his body burnt and turned to stone.

The mystery deepens when the man comes back to life, fully healed, without any memory of how he died or who killed him. With the help of Josie and her reluctant best friend Jimmy, the man slowly remembers he was once a soldier, part of a military team that fought supernatural threats.

The soldier accompanies Josie and Jimmy out of the desert, returning to their hometown to regain his memories and complete his last mission: stop a shapeshifter who kills by eating the hearts of victims and assuming their identities.

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