Friday, 23 December 2011

Saturday Snippets! 24/12/11

Here are my Saturday Snippets!

She turned and left, and I restrained a scream. If I had to hear one more thing about what a model student Matt was I thought I might just lose it.
"What's all that about?" Ruby asked when I reached our table in the cafeteria. Murk had cornered me near enough to my friends to make me a spectacle.
I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Nothing. I had a surprise visit from my parents today." My friends around the table started to look excited, so I continued before they could cut in. "I learned that my Grandma died - a month ago."
 - Page 197, The Academie by Amy Joy

The Learned One, the dwarf, and the two elves waited a few moments to give Linwyn and Golaron the head start they needed. Screams filled the night air as the enemy camp came awake under the twins' swords and their horses' hooves. At least they had the element of surprise. But it would not last for long.
 - Page 67, Soul Seeker by Jacquelyn Smith

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