Friday, 30 December 2011

Author Interview: David Englund

David Englund has written Upsetting The Tides.

1. What is your name and where do you call home?
David Englund.  I currently live in Fargo, North Dakota.

2. Do you have a pen name?
I don’t but I thought about it for a long time.  My main character’s name is Clark Jackson.  I was going to go with Jack Clarkson myself to have some fun with it.

3. What is the name of your most recent book and if you had to sum it up in 20 or less words, what would you say?
Upsetting The Tides.  How would a normal person with no military or scientific training deal with finding a portal to other worlds?

4. Do you have plans for a new book? Is this book part of a series?
Actually, I have already written the next two books which are now in editing and I have started the fourth book.  There are so many worlds out there to visit, I think I could write Clark stories for the rest of my life.

5. What or who inspired you to start writing? And how long have you been writing?
I have thoroughly enjoyed watching and reading stories my entire life.  I found it to be an absolute blast to make up my own stories.

6. How did you come up with the cover? Who designed the cover of your book?
John Berdahl was great to work with.  I wanted readers to get the impression that there is an abundance of worlds for the character to venture to.

7. Which is your favourite cover of all the books you have written?
I really like the cover for the upcoming third book in the series (displayed on my blog).  I am extremely excited about that story line and I feel like the cover conveys the image that I want (The first two stories are exciting too).

8. How did you come up with the title for your book?
I made a list of about 150 possible titles and I kept coming back to this one.  I must have asked a hundred people for their favorite off of the list.  There was no consensus so I finally decided to go with my favorite one.

9. Is there anything you would change about your book? And why?
I think I will always lament over aspects that I could have done better or differently, especially now that reviews are starting to come out.  The thing is, I liked the energy that went into that story.  I had so much fun writing it and I think it shows.  I didn’t want to overdo the tinkering and possibly lose that feeling.

10. Are you a self-published / Indie author?
Yes, I am self-published.  I am learning that self-published books are getting a bad rep for not being professionally edited.  That’s too bad.  Everyone needs editing.  I would be embarrassed if readers were to see the mistakes I make before Wanda goes through my work. 

11. Have you ever read a book more than once? And if so what was it?
I have read Tom Clancy’s Clear and Present Danger twice and L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth a couple of times.  I could read both of them again.

12. What book are you reading at the moment? And in what format?
I am finally reading The Hunger Games in paperback.  So far, I am thoroughly enjoying it.

13. Do you have any advice for other writers? And what’s the best advice that you have been given when it comes to writing?
I’m guessing that there aren’t many existing writers out there that need my advice but I would like to say something to everyone in general.  Don’t be afraid to write.  We all have a story inside us.  Let it out.

14. Where can your readers follow you?

Thankyou so much for taking the time to do this interview and allowing us a glimpse into your writing world!

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