Thursday, 3 November 2011

Flying With Fairies by Robert Cherny

ISBN: 9781897532393
Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing
Pages: 168

The reign of Fiona, Queen of the Fairies, is threatened by an unknown affliction. With most of her court and soldiers sick, she sends her only daughter to bring back the one man, a human, that she knows can save them. Titania bungles her first excursion to the world of the humans and instead of politely greeting him on the street collides with him in mid air and brings them both crashing to the ground.
Danny has enough magic power of his own and knowledge about fairies to realize he can not fight this inept youngster and goes with her to attempt the rescue.

Flying With Fairies was kindly sent to me to read and review by Robert Cherny. I really enjoyed reading this book from start to finish! My favourite character was Eric because of his curiosity and bravery. Although I like the cover and the colours on the cover I would have preferred it to be less busy and to have had both the title and the author's name stand out more. Unfortunately, if I had seen Flying With Fairies on the shelf I wouldn't have been as eager to read it based on the cover, but I probably would have bought it anyway on account of the blurb.

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