Monday, 1 October 2012

Rachel's Reflections: Blog Design

Lately, as you have probably seen, I have been changing my blog design quite a bit. I loved the colours that I had chosen, but I just couldn’t decide on one style that I really liked, that I thought truly suited both myself and my blog.

Apart from my original blog button, which was kindly made for me by Patti Roberts, author of the Paradox series, I have done a lot of the design elements for my own blog such as: my header, my background and gadgets, using scrapbooking sites or programs and by either “Google-ing” any Html questions I have had or by asking a fellow blogger.

Whilst I was designing (and re-designing) my blog, I had been looking at fellow bloggers’ sites and was amazed by how many weren’t actually designed by the owner/owners of the blog itself.

This got me thinking about what others thought of my blog and my mum’s blog, JeanzBookReadNReview, which I also design.

In my opinion, I have my own unique reviewing style, so why shouldn’t I have my own unique blog style as well?

What do you think?

“Personally, I prefer that bloggers do their own designs, or have lots of input into their design. As shouldn’t your blog design reflect you and how you feel about reading books? Your blog design is the first thing that sells your blog, be it to fellow bloggers, readers, authors, publicists and publishers too.
 I will readily admit I do NOT actually do my own design, my daughter Rachel does it for me. I give her ideas of what I’d and she takes it from there, with me approving or declining at each stage.
 My first blog button back when I started out in August 2011 was designed by my now great author friend, Patti Roberts. I love that button, which is why I have kept it as part of my blog and then added different elements to my blog. I would hope that my blog gives a ‘fun, happy, great to drop-by’ feel which I have represented with fluffy white clouds. (Let’s face it when we bloggers read, our heads are kind of ‘in the clouds’ LOL) Then I wanted a ‘character’ so we found an owl and made it cute by adding a bow sticking with my chosen colours.” ~ JeanzBookReadNReview

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