Monday, 15 October 2012

Promotion: Reaper's Return by Ren Cummins

Reaper's Return
By Ren Cummins

Reaper's Return is the first book in the Chronicles of Aesirium.

In the exiled community of Oldtown-Against-the-Wall, people have lived in fear from not only the monstrous creatures that plague their streets each night, but from the legendary Reapers, whose children's tales describe as powerful mystical beings capable of drawing away one's very soul while they lay sleeping. 

Reaper's Return follows the story of the twelve-year-old orphan girl Romany as she is drawn into the murky history of Oldtown, and she learns not only that the Reapers may be less myth and more real; but that her own destiny may be directly tied to them as well.

With her friends Kari and Cousins, Rom finds herself rapidly drawn into a mystery that is tied to the origins of Oldtown, and must risk everything to find her way home, even past death itself. 

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