Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Promotion: Tales From A Tiny Thai Table by Matthew Turner

Tales From A Tiny Thai Table
By Matthew Turner

The night before the morning after. Can this small Thai restaurant be the setting to a monumental moment in four peoples lives?

Each person has their own story and an entire life ahead of them. But is something about to happen that will change their lives forever? These four young twenty-something’s aren’t aware, but their futures hang in the balance. 

Tales From A Tiny Thai Table is a short prequel to Beyond Parallel, the debut novel from Matthew Turner. It’s here where Bella and Clark begin their adventure. The following 5,000-words redefines everything.

This coming-of-age tale is where it all begins. A single what if moment occurs, and with it, two worlds collide. Can a tiny Thai table be the key to two young futures? Will you spot the innocent what if moment?

Available at SmashwordsAmazon.co.uk.

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