Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Kite Spirit by Sita Brahmachari

ISBN: 9780330517928
Publisher: Macmillan
Pages: 309

How do you pick up the pieces and start again when you lose your best friend?

Kite Soloman is a typical teenager. Just a few weeks off her her sixteenth birthday, she is balancing a hectic schedule of school, hobbies, revision and socialising. Her days are jam packed, her phone always buzzing with a text or a Facebook update - particularly from her best friend and neighbour, Dawn. The girls have grown up together, and share everything. There is nothing about Dawn that Kite doesn't know.

But on the eve of the girls' first GCSE exam, clever, beautiful, talented, Dawn kills herself. And Kite's life shatters.

In a desperate attempt to help their daughter grieve, Kite's parents take her away from the intensity of her London life and constant reminders of her beloved friend, to the calm quiet of the Lake District. There is no phone signal and no internet, just peace, quiet and beauty. Her father is trying to trace his family history, to learn more about his past. Kite is desperate to forget hers. Unable to talk and unwilling to listen to advice, Kite begins to see Dawn everywhere. In the landscape. In her dreams. She is conflicted, filled with guilt over what has happened, anger at Dawn for leaving her and fear of facing an unknown and unpredictable future alone. Who is she without the best friend who has always defined her?

I received a copy of Kite Spirit by Sita Brahmachari for review from Macmillan.  Although I quite enjoyed reading this book, I felt it would have been better if there had been parts written from Dawn's perspective.  Kite Spirit focused more on how Kite was affected by Dawn's death, rather than how Dawn felt and why she committed suicide. I didn't particularly like the parts where Kite felt Dawn's spirit, as I think they could have been done  in a slightly more subtle way. I love the cover of Kite Spirit, as although it could be a very solemn story at times, the vibrant colours and patterns represent the journey of the main character, Kite, quite well. Even though there were a few parts that I didn't enjoy as much, I would definitely recommend Kite Spirit by Sita Brahmachari!

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