Monday, 16 September 2013

Promotion: Risk by Samantha Grady

By Samantha Grady

Risk is the first book in the Risk series.

When Jonah was eighteen he took a risk. 
A risk that changed his life. 
When Olivia was sixteen someone else took a risk. 
A risk that changed her life. 
Jonah wants out of a life he never wanted to be a part of.
Olivia wants something more out of life. 

When Jonah meets Olivia he knows he is no good for a girl like her but he just can’t stay away. Trouble is Jonah is mixed up in a bad business. Bringing Olivia into his life would mean lies, secrets and possible danger. Can Jonah take that risk?

When Olivia meets Jonah it’s love at first sight. From the start Olivia has a feeling Jonah is hiding a big secret and since the death of her brother Olivia leaves no room for secrets in her life. Can Olivia risk letting go of a past event to find love with Jonah? 

While Jonah struggles with the decision to bring Olivia into his life or not a rival business brings back someone from Olivia’s past that will put Jonah and ultimately Olivia in life threatening danger. 

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